Our Learning Center

Slukat Learning Center is located in Keramas Village, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia. It is surrounded by paddy field and five minutes walk to a quite black sand beach. The breath taking view of the surrounding, the sounds of bird singing, the fresh organic vegetables and fruits in the garden   and the colorful of flower blooming  make  being in the center is very peaceful and comfortable.

Our Classroom

There are three classrooms in the center to teach English and Computer; one stone built classroom, one semi stone classroom and one bamboo classroom.  There is also an outdoor stage for the children to practice their yoga and traditional dance.


Our Organic Garden and Recycle Plant

Slukat Learning Center is home for learning and saving our environments. We have an organic garden where we palnt variety of vegetable and tropical fruits. The volunteers and children help cultivate the plants as part of their curriculum. Some of our volunteers focus their activities in the garden.  There is a recycle plants made from bamboo to store plastic, cans and bottle that the students brings while they go to the center.

Our Accomodation

SLC offers volunteers to stay onsite the center. There are three villas to accommodate 5-6 volunteers. Brakfast and Dinner are provided during teaching class days.  The center is also equipped with a comfortable beds,  cold showers,kitchen, TV, and Wi-Fi access. There is a shuttle for our volunteer to go to Ubud and Gianyar from Monday to Thursday.

A new function hall has been built to accommodate the various activities in the learning center such as Yoga class, traditional Balinese dance and many more....