There are 150 children come to SLC every week.  Their age range is between 8-20 years old, from Elementary to High School Student. Most of them came from a low income family.  Their parent’s occupations are farmer, teacher, and brick maker and construction labor.

The children are great! They are all so keen to learn and enthusiastic. They love coming to Slukat Learning Center and it shows.  They came to the center for variety of activities such as:

  • Free Day Care Center
  • Free English Class which are thought by Volunteers from all the around the globe.
  • Free Computer Class which will enable them to increase their employability in the future.
  • Clean and Green Class  which will gave the Children understanding the importance of saving environment through the center’s recycling and organic gardening program.
  • Scholarship for achieving students who are underprivileged.
  • Yoga Class which will help the children to have a balance soul, body and minds.
  • Balinese Traditional Dance which will motivated the children to love and preserve their tradition in this modern world.


Free Day Care Center

Slukat opened a Free Early Childhood Education on 16th of November 2011.  We believe that early childhood is an important stage of child development. Its when the brain develop rapidly, almost at its fullest. Surrounding our learning center, they are many toddlers who did not have an opportunity to learn nor play in a safe environment due to their parent limited financial condition.  Slukat is opening its center for these toddlers.


Free English Class

There are three level of English Class

  • Elementary Class
  • Intermediate Class
  • Advanced Class

The Curriculum was customized developed for SLC by Prof. Anne Philip (Australia) and sponsored by Australian Business Volunteers (ABV). Volunteers are welcomed to applied their ideas and method when teaching the class.



Free Computer Class

Basic Information Technology Training has been developed and supported by Accenture Indonesia. The module covers basic internet and Microsoft office application.  By providing Basic Technology Training, the student will become more computer literate and improve their probability to get a better job in the future.



Some of the children who go SLC came from underprivileged family. However their passion and spirit to learn are high. It is shown by their academic result and behavior. For these children, SLC has granted a full year scholarship. These children deserve to get the opportunities.


Clean and Green Class

The children are taught about the importance of saving the environment especially in Bali where tourism is one of the major industries.  They participated in recycling program, beach cleaning and organic farming. Thorough these activities, the children learn to love and care for the environment.


Balinese Traditional Dance and Yoga  Class

Every weekend, the children come to SLC to practice Balinese Traditional Dance and Yoga.  In addition to improving the children skill, it is also important for them to have a healthy body, mind and soul.