New Year Celebration in Slukat Learning Center

Students at our learning center are not only learning about English and Computer. They are also encouraged to improve their self confidence, leadership, creativity and teamwork.  This is done through New Year’s Eve celebration program. Slukat Learning Center's Students celebrated New Year in a unique way.

The Advanced Student’s were given a responsibility to organize the program and manage the younger students. Prior the day of the event, they prepared a tent for their camp in the center, practice their songs and performance.

The students of Slukat Learning Center are ready for New Year


Our Volunteers helped out in preparing for the event too.


On the New Years Eve, they camped out the center to listen to Balinese Priest Speech, conducted Team Performance, and Mid Night Pray. As the sun rise in the morning..They went to the beach to do Yoga and play....

It was an exciting day to start the new year...Once again Happy New Year Everyone... We hope the year 2012 will be better for all of us.

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