November 2011 Update

November has been a busy month at Slukat Learning Center. After celebrating its 4th Anniversary, there are many things happening at Slukat

Welcomed our Volunteer

This month, five people came to volunteering in Slukat.  We welcome Back Tara from Australia and Rebecca from Holland. They volunteered with us previously and come back again…The students are very happy to meet their teachers again.

We also welcome Jane and Lotte from Holland and Mark from Australia. We hope they enjoy their time with the children and staffs in Slukat.




Opened Early Childhood Education

Slukat opened a Free Early Childhood Education on 16th of November 2011.  We believe that early childhood is an important stage of child development. Its when the brain develop rapidly, almost at its fullest. Surrounding our learning center, they are many toddlers who did not have an opportunity to learn nor play in a safe environment due to their parent limited financial condition.  Slukat is opening its center for these toddlers.

New Batch Computer Class Started

Ten 12th grade High School Students started a computer class. These students are learning how to set email, internet and Microsoft office application program. They are very enthusiastic and eager to learn….


New Hall and Parking Lot

Here in Slukat, we are  always trying to improve the center’s infrastructure. A functional hall has been built to accommodate various activities in Slukat. This hall will be used for additional classroom, practicing Balinese dance, Yoga and many many more.

We also have a new motorcycle and bicycle parking lot. By having a parking lots, the student learne how to organize their bicycle and motorcycle in a proper way…It also gave more space in the center for the classes to interact outside the classroom…