About Us

Slukat Learning Center (SLC)  is a registered non profit  organization that provide free after school education for the children in the Gianyar village was founded in 2007.   It is a new model for combining Balinese and expatriate forces to provide opportunities for the children to have a better future.

The learning center has many programs such as English, Computers, Environmental Awareness, Scholarship, Yoga and Traditional Balinese Dance.

Through these programs, SLC hope that the children will gain their self respect and confidence, have high integrity and care for the environment and their tradition. Thus it will build their emotional quotient which is one of their life key success factors…


Philosophy and Mission

The Founders of Slukat Learning Center, the family of Mr. I Gusti Agung Rai and I Gusti Ayu Darsini believes that these children in the village will be able to have a better future if they get an opportunity. They feel beholden to give something back to their home community. They believe that education is the most valuable gift they can give; especially education that helps teens interacts with people of all nations on this rapidly globalizing.

The Founders Family
(Yuri Arvian, I.G.A Ayu Pramitasari, I Gusti Ayu Darsini, I Gusti Agung Rai)

In 2007, the founders saw an alarming problem among local youth: poor English test scores upon completion of middle school, a lack of basic computer skills and a general lack of self-confidence. As a consequence, these teens have been unable to gain admittance into good high schools, and have had limited success with tourism industry jobs.

The economy in Bali is dominated by tourism. In the future, most of the children in surrounding area   will seek work in the tourism industry, where English and Computer are required.

Prior to establishing SLC, there was no free English class for underprivileged children in the area. SLC supports the children to prepare them to develop their English, computer and communication skill.  Moreover developing their character-building through self-confidence, local wisdom (culture), environment, compassion, integrity, and entrepreneurship is also very important for the children to be success in life.


Our Team

Slukat Learning Center is supported by dedicated team who gave their heart and passion to assist our volunteers and students.  They will ensure our volunteers are well taken care and have a pleasant stay in Slukat and organize the classess so that the student's program run effectively.


 Back Row Right to Left (Ketut, Indira, Tomi and Wayan) Front Row (Ade, Novi and Gung Ade)