"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different because I was important in the life of a Child" ~ Anonymous

Volunteering Opportunities in Bali

Max Bouten from Netherlands

On the 4th of September 2014 I flew towards a new adventure in my life. Living and being an intern on Bali, Indonesia for six months. 
Five minutes after I arrived at the project, my neighbour Tomy (later to be a good friend) invited me to join him, Indira and Sophie (co-volunteer) for dinner. I just arrived and I still had a jet leg, but I was too excited not to go. So ten minutes after arriving I was on the back of a bike, off to my first adventure. 

Check out our volunteers new facilites...

In the pursue of making our volunteers feel more comfortable in our home, now there is a house next to the center...The house is not just for our volunteers to stay but our students to practice yoga and do other activities....

We hope our volunteers are happy in our home.

Slukat Learning Center Highlights

 There is so many activities happening in Slukat Learning Center that make our volunteers, students and staffs excited. Our Volunteers were performing Balinese Dance and modern dance, our students were celebrating school holiday and travel beyond Bali, for the first time ever. In Slukat everybody is excited and happy to learn and share. Welcome to Slukat Learning Center...home for learning and saving the environment.

About Our Students


Gemuh (16 years old) is one of our Scholarship Beneficiary. She has been coming to our learning center since one year ago. She is in 10th grade. Her parent is a brick maker with limited income to support the family. Everyday, Gemuh helps her parent in making the brick after school and before coming to Slukat Learning Center. 


She is eager to learn, the scholarship helped her to concentrate in her study.  She has become top 10 students in her class, which did not happen before.

“I am very motivated to study and want to reach my dream which  is becoming Banker”. Gemuh , we hope her dream will true….



Supardi (16 years old) was the Chairman of the Nyepi Celebration Committee. He joined Slukat since 4 years ago. He organized the Nyepi Celebration and it was a big success. In Slukat Learning Center, beside English and Computers, our students are also trained to become a leader.

“When I was appointed by the team, I felt nervous because I never lead  many people especially my seniors. The experience gave me more confidence to speak and organize other students. I really enjoyed it”

When he joined Slukat 4 years ago, he was failing in English at school. After 3 years studying English persistently, he won a English Speaking Competition in his School.  He was then accepted in one of the Best High School in Gianyar and had represented the school on other English Competition across Bali. His dream is to become a diplomat and even to become ambassador. He is inspired by one of our ambassador who came from our village… Good Luck Supardi…you have the potential…



Gung Sekarini

Gung Sekarini (14 years old)  has joined in Slukat for 4 years ago. She joined slukat so that she wants to learn and make her parent proud. She came from an uneducated family background. Her father is craftsman with a limited income. She used to be very shy person but now her self confidence has increased. “I want to prove that event tough my parent is not educated; they can have a successful daughter. I want to become a programmer”. The computer lesson she got in Slukat learning center has helped her to understand Basic Information Technology better. 

Gung Sekarini

She is also our Sport coordinator for Slukat. Her hobby is badminton and basket ball. She is responsible to coordinate the sport schedule, ensure the sport equipments are available and the sport field is cleaned. Here, our students are trained to be have responsibility and be accountable. Its for their leadership development. Gung Sekarini, you have made us proud…and so will your parent…


Gus Adi

Gus Adi is 14 years old, he joined Slukat Learning Center 3 years ago.  

Gus Adi is our Music Coordinator. He plays guitar by learning from a book. He is responsible in organizing a Slukat Band. They practice in the center.  He is also a Kecak Dancer. “Since I joined Slukat, I am able to speak English and more confident to speak with   our volunteers. More over I learned about gardening and understand well manner better. I did not know about this.

His dream is to be a policeman so that he can protect the society. He said…Gus Adi, we hope your dream come true and please prepare yourself starting today….

Gus Adi

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Slukat Learning Center. Below are the explanation of Volunteer Teacher Role, Application Process, the Program Fee and the Application Form.


Volunteer's Role:

  • You will be teaching from Monday to Thursday starting at  3.30 pm  to 6.30pm.
  • There is also a morning class on Monday and Wednesday 10.00-11.30 am.
  • The curriculum for English and Computer are available, teaching organic garden is part of the English Class
  • The kindergarten class is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.00 to 10.00 am.
  • During your stay they are other volunteers from various nationalities.
  • They are 180 students ranging from Elementary school to High School come to the learning center.  Each Class consists of up to 15 children.
  • Friday to Sunday is a holiday for exploring Bali and resting. If you like surfing, our center is only 10 minutes walk to one of the best surf beach in Bali.
  • When you are in Slukat, you are part of our family. In any family's cultural event in the community, our volunteers are welcomed to join.


Application Process

To become a volunteer at Slukat Learning Center, the processes are as follows:

  1. Please fill in Slukat Learning Center Application Form and email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Upon receiving your application we will contact you, provide the detail information and confirm your placement. We will ask for your scanned cover of your passport (passport number, name, etc.) to be sent to us for your Indonesian Visa Sponsor Letter.
  3. Based on your scanned cover passport, we will send an invitation (sponsor) letter for your visa upon receiving a deposit of US $ 100 or Euro 75 from you.
  4. The rest of the Program Fee can be paid through bank transfer or upon your arrival in Bali.
  5. Please give us your arrival detail so that we can arrange your airport pick up.


Program Fee

Slukat Learning Center is a non profit organization that depend its operational costs from donations. Your Program Fee will cover your onsite accommodation, breakfast and dinner during teaching days, transportation and the learning center’s operational cost. The learning center operational costs are for the teaching materials, staffs salary, utilities expense, and maintenance cost.

The details Program Fee are as follows:










US $

500 750 950 1150 1350 1500 1700 1875


375 550 700 850 1000 1100 1250 1385

What is included in the program fee are:

  • Onsite accommodation at Slukat during your volunteering placement. Note: depending on availability you might have your room or sharing with other volunteer.
  • Pick-up from Bali's Denpasar airport and dropoff at airport after placement completed.
  • Breakfast (western supplies, eggs, milk, cereal, bread, butter etc) and dinner (local Indonesian stye food) will be provided only during class days at Slukat. Mondays thru to Thursdays.
  • Wi-Fi access onsite at Slukat.
  • Support from Slukat's staff. 
  • Access to our driver for local shopping or discovering Bali during your free time. (Note: volunteer must pay for this service) 
  • Free trips into Ubud (25 mins trip) on Tuesdays & Thursdays (11:00am - 3:00pm)
  • Local SIM card (calls are at volunteer's expense).
  • Certificate from Slukat once you have completed your volunteering period. This is given to you on your last volunteering day.

What is not included?

  • Airfares and all transportation to Slukat (except pick-up and drop-off from airport).
  • Travel and health insurance.
  • Visa costs for Bali/Indonesia (and possible visa extenstion).
  • Vaccinations.
  • Personal expenses & meals (except breakfast and dinner during class days at Slukat).


Application Form

Click here to download the application form.

Types of Volunteering Program

  • Teaching English Class
  • Teaching Computer Class
  • Teaching Day Care (Playgroup)
  • Teaching & Working in The Organic Garden
  • Family Program

 Click Volunteering with us for more detail information

About Us

About Us

Slukat Learning Center (SLC)  is a registered non profit  organization that provide free after school education for the children in the Gianyar village was founded in 2007.   It is a new model for combining Balinese and expatriate forces to provide opportunities for the children to have a better future.

The learning center has many programs such as English, Computers, Environmental Awareness, Scholarship, Yoga and Traditional Balinese Dance.

Through these programs, SLC hope that the children will gain their self respect and confidence, have high integrity and care for the environment and their tradition. Thus it will build their emotional quotient which is one of their life key success factors…


Philosophy and Mission

The Founders of Slukat Learning Center, the family of Mr. I Gusti Agung Rai and I Gusti Ayu Darsini believes that these children in the village will be able to have a better future if they get an opportunity. They feel beholden to give something back to their home community. They believe that education is the most valuable gift they can give; especially education that helps teens interacts with people of all nations on this rapidly globalizing.

The Founders Family
(Yuri Arvian, I.G.A Ayu Pramitasari, I Gusti Ayu Darsini, I Gusti Agung Rai)

In 2007, the founders saw an alarming problem among local youth: poor English test scores upon completion of middle school, a lack of basic computer skills and a general lack of self-confidence. As a consequence, these teens have been unable to gain admittance into good high schools, and have had limited success with tourism industry jobs.

The economy in Bali is dominated by tourism. In the future, most of the children in surrounding area   will seek work in the tourism industry, where English and Computer are required.

Prior to establishing SLC, there was no free English class for underprivileged children in the area. SLC supports the children to prepare them to develop their English, computer and communication skill.  Moreover developing their character-building through self-confidence, local wisdom (culture), environment, compassion, integrity, and entrepreneurship is also very important for the children to be success in life.


Our Team

Slukat Learning Center is supported by dedicated team who gave their heart and passion to assist our volunteers and students.  They will ensure our volunteers are well taken care and have a pleasant stay in Slukat and organize the classess so that the student's program run effectively.


 Back Row Right to Left (Ketut, Indira, Tomi and Wayan) Front Row (Ade, Novi and Gung Ade)



Contact Us

Slukat Learning Center

Jl. Pura Slukat, Desa Keramas
Gianyar, Bali - Indonesia
Phone: (0361-4791448) or (+6285691796528)
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.