"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different because I was important in the life of a Child" ~ Anonymous

Season's Greetings from Slukat Learning Center

On behalf of the Slukat family, staff, and students, we send you our best wishes for peace, joy, health and happiness this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Thank you for your continues help  and Support.

May God Always Bless You

New Year Celebration in Slukat Learning Center

Students at our learning center are not only learning about English and Computer. They are also encouraged to improve their self confidence, leadership, creativity and teamwork.  This is done through New Year’s Eve celebration program. Slukat Learning Center's Students celebrated New Year in a unique way.

The Advanced Student’s were given a responsibility to organize the program and manage the younger students. Prior the day of the event, they prepared a tent for their camp in the center, practice their songs and performance.

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Christmas at Slukat Learning Center

Christmas is a special time.. This time of year where people gather together with  friends and family to celebrate life.   In honor of our volunteers who are far away from home and family, Slukat Learning Center held a Christmas Party.  Here, we are all a family, the students, staffs, volunteers and founder are one big family.

Its a time of joy, sharing and giving...

We thanked our volunteers who have traveled half way across the globe to teach and help our students. They gave their time, donation and heart for to help our students to have better future. The students are always enthusiastic to learn and enjoy the class. To express their appreciation to their teachers, they perform a Traditional Balinese Dance at the Christmas party.

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Slukat Learning Center on Do Good Things (DGT)

Do Good Things (DGT) is one section of Tripping who is dedicated to the people and organizations that are creating positive social change around the world. This is an open platform for social causes and they'll feature reputable non-profit organizations, promote volunteer opportunities and encourage Tripping members to get involved at home and while traveling abroad.

A few weeks ago, Slukat Learning Center contact DGT and aked whether they can feature us on their blog. They said that they would love to. And finally, today DGT has confirmed that the link is live, and Slukat Learning Center is featured on their first page.

Thank you, DGT.

Follow this link to view Slukat Learning Center on DGT

SLC on Collective Determination by Amanda Wannman

Amanda Wannman, a blogger, sent email to us and asked our permission to write an article about Slukat Learning Center and post it on her blog.

She writes a lot about many different organizations and volunteering opportunities for a while. Her idea came from when she was looking for good places to volunteer herself. It's really hard to find legitimate organizations and she wanted to make it easier for people that have a desire to help. So she decided to post once a week by researching on the internet and gather the information in her blog.

Please visit her blog "Collective Determination" and find Slukat Learning Center by following below link:

Slukat Learning Center on Collective Determination by Amanda Wannman

Thanks, Amanda.. for spreading the word. It means a lot for us here in Slukat.

November 2011 Update

November has been a busy month at Slukat Learning Center. After celebrating its 4th Anniversary, there are many things happening at Slukat

Welcomed our Volunteer

This month, five people came to volunteering in Slukat.  We welcome Back Tara from Australia and Rebecca from Holland. They volunteered with us previously and come back again…The students are very happy to meet their teachers again.

We also welcome Jane and Lotte from Holland and Mark from Australia. We hope they enjoy their time with the children and staffs in Slukat.



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Come Visit The Slukat Knowledge Center

By Kelly Coburn, Volunteer Instructor

The Slukat Knowledge Center is a new model for combining Balinese and expatriate forces to bring free English and computer training to the teens of rural Gianyar. If you have a little time and a lot of heart, or if you are looking to exchange teaching for lodging, you could help make a big difference in the future education and careers of these fine young people.

The Founders of The Center are a well-known Balinese professional couple whose names are not important for this article. They grew up in Keramas and Klungkung. Over recent years, they’ve noticed some alarming problems among local youth: poor English test scores upon completion of middle school, a lack of basic computer skills and a general lack of self-confidence. As a consequence, these teens have been unable to gain admittance to good high schools, and have had limited success with tourism industry jobs where interaction with expatriates is important.

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Giving Back in Bali, One Lesson at a Time | The Jakarta Globe

Gianyar, Bali. “Simon says touch your nose!” Greg Forthuber tells his group of nine students. Some of the students quickly touch their noses, but several others fail to follow the instruction as they try to figure out what a “nose” is. But despite having to sit out the rest of the game, the students still cheer on throughout.

On this particular afternoon, the students at the Slukat Learning Center are playing a game of Simon Says to improve their English. But English is not the only subject taught at the SLC, which has about 150 students from low-income families between the ages of 8 and 18.

The center also provides courses in computing, recycling, organic gardening, yoga and traditional Balinese dance.
“And all of the students take part in the programs free of charge,” says I Gusti Agung Rai, who founded SLC with his wife.

The SLC is in Keramas village in Gianyar, about 30 kilometers from Denpasar, the provincial capital. The center was founded in 2007, when Agung’s family and a group of friends from the United States started giving free English lessons to underprivileged children in Gianyar.

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